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Words and Images from Violet Acevedo

About Me

violet-03Stories have always fascinated me. Whether fiction or nonfiction, they drew my attention from an early age. First, I was a consumer, reading and watching obsessively throughout my childhood. Then, once I began to understand the mechanics behind the scenes, I became a creator, writing and photographing anything that I could get my hands on.

My creative passions only became heightened the moment I entered college at Boston University in 2013. I eventually decided to major in film & TV and minor in journalism, knowing in my heart that I wanted to capture stories in one shape or another for the rest of my life.

Contained within this website are the best examples of my efforts to capture stories in the last few years. From prose to photography, from reporting to reviews, it’s all included. Some pieces were generated on assignment during various journalism and film courses at BU. Some were produced during the completion of internships, such as my Screen Daily work. And yet more were crafted on my own time, in particular my writings for the blog Culture Shock and my other WordPress sites. More stories will be added as I continue to create.

If you wish to know more about me, please take a look at my LinkedIn profile and/or my resume, which is available to view and download. If you would like to contact me, feel free to email me at violetsacevedo@gmail.com.