A Picture of Old Street Station

LONDON–Music spews out from the stores, hip pop songs mingling with the steady tattoo of businessmen’s shoes and the occasional burst of laughter from school children’s smiles. Florescent lights lead the way when sunlight from the semi-open roof isn’t enough. The smell of cooking meats from the temporary food stalls sometimes fills the concrete corridors, … More A Picture of Old Street Station

Viewing the V&A

LONDON — Originally the South Kensington Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum (also known as the V&A) was established at its current location in 1857. According to the V&A website, the museum is meant to showcase the best designs from around the world and across the ages. Over the decades, rooms have been added, artwork … More Viewing the V&A

Movie Screening and Q-and-A Aim to Foster “COM-unity”

December 4, 2014 BOSTON—A couple hundred students waited anxiously in line at the movie theater. They had walked through the rain and the cold on the night of Dec. 3rd. Some had even temporarily abandoned papers and study sessions. But no one seemed didn’t care. They were not going to miss this. Around 6 p.m. … More Movie Screening and Q-and-A Aim to Foster “COM-unity”

Harvard Community Debates the Possibility of Alien Life

October 16, 2014 CAMBRIDGE—The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics asked whether life is possible near red dwarf stars on Oct. 15th’s Observatory Night, continuing the event’s mission to offer free insight into developing areas of astronomy. People of various ages, from grade-school and up, nearly filled the small auditorium near Harvard’s main campus to learn about … More Harvard Community Debates the Possibility of Alien Life

Internet Presence Blog

https://yourinternetpresence.wordpress.com/ In conjunction with a class at Boston University in 2014, I created a PSA blog focusing on teaching people about their internet presence. The blog includes firsthand accounts of teenagers posting embarrassing things on social media, case studies including the permanence of Snapchat’s Snaps, and tips on how to be mindful about one’s internet presence. The blog also … More Internet Presence Blog