Boston’s Application for New Hometown

Originally published on Culture Shock. As a senior quickly heading towards the strange and unpredictable life of a college graduate, I’m searching for a place to establish myself. Boston is a possibility. So what if Boston submitted a formal application to become my New Hometown? Below is what I would assume Boston’s application would look … More Boston’s Application for New Hometown

Kiwis Talk Trump

Originally published on Culture Shock. “Will them Make America Drumpf Again, or will the next President accidentally cc Putin in on an email with the nuclear codes? We will be streaming the results of the Presidential and Congressional elections LIVE from [the University of Auckland bar]…We will also be giving away prizes to the BEST CLINTON … More Kiwis Talk Trump

In A World Not My Own

Originally published on Culture Shock. The streets were quiet, deserted save a few empty-eyed tourists and confident locals. The sky was newspaper grey, and a cool wind occasionally rushed down the street in short, violent bursts. April 19, 2013, Boston was a closed and silent city, acting like something smaller than itself in an attempt … More In A World Not My Own

Bad Movies 101

Originally published on Culture Shock.  Bad movies are not about the craft, nor are they about telling a good story. Instead they’re about the ridiculous, the silly. They revel in the obscenely awful and outrageously cliché. By bad movies I don’t mean films like Snow White and the Huntsman or The Last Airbender. Those movies … More Bad Movies 101